§20 - Steam Page and RpgCodex thread


I'll keep this one short - there are a few new places to go now!

Steam Page:


Codex Thread:


Look around, leave a comment :)

 PS A bonus question - I’ve been pondering the question of if the point of Nethergate is the feeling of epic intensity, why not make it linear? 

The problem with linear is that you have somebody decide everything for you. Even if it means you have to ‘try again’, you are not really breaking a sweat there (or often, giving a damn). But if there is no one to show you the path... 
Yes, I believe the point of freedom is actually the feeling of realness. But in Eidolons, freedom is not meant to make you feel relaxed... but to give you that feeling of being an *adult*, faced with a problem that no one is going to solve for you. A sink of swim kind of thing. Something to ponder indeed! 

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