§24 - The Demo crunch, the first Boss, many new things and... another delay :)

Hello friends!

TL;DR - we are looking for testers!

I hope you have been enjoying the spring’s soft touches! Here they are yet too soft to feel, alas - it's been snowing in fact!

Meanwhile, my crunch on the Eidolons demo has been going full speed for 3 weeks, but it turned out that some of the special features I designed for the demo are more difficult to polish than I thought - as our testing revealed!

Speaking of which - we are looking for 10 more dedicated testers, at this point it's more on the hardcore side (there is no tutorial *yet*), if you feel you're up for this - reach out to me here or at justmeakk@gmail.com! :)

Anyway, with all this in mind, I have decided to take some additional time so I can deliver a more even experience.  The final date for our crowdfunding - and demo - launch is set to 29th May  

Good News

The good news is - we are going to have at least one *real* boss after all in the demo! 
Not exactly the same as what the Netherflame Campaign will have, but with all the best parts - large, 3d, scary and with a few surprises under his belt! 

I don’t want to spoil it too much for you, so I will only give this mysterious preview so you will have the right idea and feeling about him :)


One other thing this delay gives us in our demo is the tutorial. Between myself and the few hardcore players testing the game, 

It was easy for me to forget how much it matters - for people wanting to grasp the intricacies but not inclined to experiment and die repeatedly in their gaming. If you count yourself among these - fear not, Eidolons will offer the option of taking it slow at first. 

Why not just cut the scope?

To be clear, this decision was not made lightly. I could have cut the scope or the features of the demo, but I have a precise vision of the demo, and don’t want to compromise too much on it - I hope that you will excuse the delays for this! 
In fact I intend to continue working on it all the way through the campaign, and by the end of it, deliver the second part and a more polished experience to all the backers! 
For me, Eidolons has been  a labor of passion for a long time, so I want the demo to give you this feeling even if it is far from a complete game. I want you to have a real taste of the game, its vision, and enjoy a challenge with a lot of adventuring, real objectives and, of course, a struggle to test your skills and patience.

It’s already doing this for me - in all this time, I have to say, I’ve never developed quite like this! Times like these are good for learning one’s limits.

The Progress 

Eidolons now has a whole array of new amazing tracks by Pika Pilke inspired by the short story the demo is based on. And we’re also working on sound design - weapons, armor, screams and monster sounds I couldn’t give name to... 

Indeed, time seems to compress in on itself when in crunch. It feels to me like I’ve been working on this demo for months now! 

Some have expressed concerns about my health on this crunch - but there’s no need to worry, the (slowly) awakening nature and the great excitement keep me well, and will continue to do so. 

I will keep up the pace, and you stay tuned!

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