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Awaken, and know that you are cut off - from the world and from Light, fallen deep into Dusk; the only way back is through haunted gloom and treacherous twilight. Keep your eyes open now and your senses alert, listen for steps in the quiet, watch out for shapes in the gloom, for hidden traps and secrets long lost and forgotten. With wit or wild fury, you will have to survive the Darkness, and rise above. 

Awaken, and see how the Mist envelops you gently. Like the Night itself, it enters your mind and body, fills you with calm, and with tinkling excitement. All around you, the twilight is filled with half-whispered echoes from ages lost. Echoes of legends, of things grand and fearsome, harrowing tales of mortal glory and terror,  rapture and despair.  

You answer the call. Thus begins your final adventure. 


Eidolons is an epic roguelike roleplaying game in a dark fantasy setting. It features global map adventuring, real-time exploration, turn-based combat and deep hero creation with over 20 spell schools, 10 combinable base classes and 50 skill trees. To be released in Fall 2018! 

In this age of noise, many wander the land searching for something different, something deeper. If you are one of those, search no longer, friend. 

I invite you to follow me here where I keep my Devlog, and on Twitter for latest updates, let's set sail together!

                    *†* MAIN FEATURES *†* 

♦ Innovative ATB (turn-based) combat with unique mechanics and gritty realistic rules

♦ Real-time map adventure and dungeon crawl 

♦ Powerful random dungeon generation and dozens of hand-made levels!

♦ Crazy-Deep and Flexible Hero Customization

♦ Great replayability value in Fugue mode on the global Adventure Map

♦ Extensive lore base, enough for campaigns well beyond the Mists of Ersidris cycle! 

 Now for some details

 <><><><><†> COMBAT<†><><><><> 

♦ Dynamic rounds system - units make (sequences of) atomic actions one after the other. This is real fighting, just in slow motion †

♦ Fathomless depth of tactical combat - realistic in every detail, from wounds and bleeding to panic and confusion effects. 

♦ Powerful spells from over 20 schools of magic, affecting mind, spirit and body, sometimes with a blast. Or a poof. 

♦ Unique companions that follow your Orders (or don’t) in their own ways, just like real ones would 

♦ Arsenal of Death at your disposal - Hack, Slash, Thrust and Decapitate at will, every attack is special! 

                      <><><><><†> EXPLORATION <†><><><><> 

♦ Crawling through dungeons filled with monsters wandering, patrolling, guarding and stalking the claustrophobic corridors. 

♦ Discovering chests, traps and secret doors bestowed with magic 

♦ Advanced Visibility system that makes you take lighting seriously, as it can be your ally or foe in the predatory game of stealth and survival. 

"Quiet! There's something moving up there..."  

"I don't see anything... What is it?" 

"I don't know... I think I saw an outline of something... monstrous." 

                      <><><><><†> HERO CREATION<†><><><><> 

♦ Choose from among 20 Backgrounds, lowly or nobleborn, human or dwarf, half-elf or Returned.  

♦ Choose two out of nine class trees for the hero to develop

♦ Combine up to 10 of the 40+ types of Mastery (with half of them being Magical Arts)

♦ Choose a deity to venerate from among the 18 primordial gods of the Aeruil Plane, follow the ways of a recognized religion or put your faith only in your own self. 

♦ Experience a deep and wholesome roleplaying model of the ten Principles! War and Peace, Honor and Treachery, Freedom and Order, Tradition and Progress, Ambition and Charity - every action you take can add to your Integrity, if it aligns with what you really believe in.  

                                             <><><><><> SETTING <><><><><>

 ♦ High Fantasy meets Eldritch Horror!

 Wreathed in ancient darkness and otherwordly mist, Ersidris is a place of sinister myths, desperate heroes and black-hearted villains. Yet wonders of the Old World are still there to be uncovered…

                                             <><><><><> FREE ADVENTURE<><><><><>

♦ Open-world with just the essentials - main hero, his progression, his party, their rise and survival; no item-hoarding, romance or cat-saving quests. Eidolons offer a high-level play - the game only gives you big decisions to make; and the consequences are equally notesworthy. 

♦ Maximum flexibility in things that matter - you choose your own Main Quest and determine your own end-game by a hundred little choices in mid-game! 

♦ Eventful, realistic free traveling across the vast, hand-crafted map of Ersidris

♦ Randomly generated heroes that you can (usually) win for your cause - with money, promises, show of force or even kind words! 

♦ A gritty survival in a chaos storm of forces from this world and beyond, a game where only your power matters - other heroes will die, change sides... 

♦ Bits and pieces of lore from hundreds of mini-books, fragments of ancient maps are scattered across the peninsula, allowing you to gradually form a picture of Edalar’s history and present  

Thrust in the maelstrom of political and supernatural turmoil, you must survive the coming darkness, and emerge stronger from it to take what is yours. 

                                      <><><><><>    DEVELOPMENT <><><><><>     

I am working solo on this project, full-time as of late. The technology used is mainly Java/Libgdx. And by the way, I am looking for able-handed developers to work with! (we are hiring...)



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ubuntu mate 18.04 it's working

Great, thanks for all the testing, man! :) 

Hi ! What about a Linux version ? On the way, maybe, later, nah ?


Hello Tchey, yes, in fact I just keep forgetting about it, but it shouldn't take too long to make it Linux-compatible, it's java after all. In fact it might already work (at least the .jar in the distrib), I haven't tested it for a while (used to work a while ago). Would be grateful if you did, however, solo dev is hard you know :) 

Nice, will do in a few hours then ! I will report back if it's working or not.

It seems i'm not able to launch it. Here is what my terminal nags about : https://pastebin.com/raw/7avM5M31

Any new news ?


Sorry I missed you comment with the error, it seems some of the path separators have failed for linux, although it looks proper in the log, or? Could you check if the file itself is there at that location? 

About news, well, I try to keep up the devlog, RNG is almost ready, there'll be a lot of random tricky dungeons soon :) 

Looks good!

Thanks, I've posted some new screenshots today too, it's Screenshotsaturday! :) https://twitter.com/EiDemiurge/status/987648558223458305