§19 - Epic UI upgrades, Story Teaser and a little surprise...


Right off the bat, let me share my excitement - the game's first real video is finally ready! 

It’s short and atmospheric, and serves as an introduction into the story. You can view it right here too: 

... Mystefied?  You should be! If you like the mood, consider sharing the video! I’m terrible with marketing, so every bit of support is golden to me. 

Admittedly, despite its simplicity, it took me a horrendous amount of time to make this video - to learn, design, make and remake things and finally also render it all. But the next one will be faster, now that I know all the tricks :) 

With this done, let's see what's been going on with the development! 

Divine Trinity

No, not just that of course!

I have been experimenting with UI design for both Map Adventuring and the combat!

Here is a preview  of a boss fight, one of the final ones in fact.  It’s all subject to change of course! 

The composite bosses are tricky to make, but I think they're going to be OK :) 

As for the map, I only just started making proper ui for it:

The rest you can find in attached screenshots. 

As for my surprise, well... Eidolons launched a surprise attack on Steam! The page is passing approval, I'll post it once it's online! 

Now, a small reminder - everyone who's been active on discord before the start of crowdfunding in April will get a small reward for free - an interactive quest wrapped into a simple text-game!

On a less bright note, I have an announcement to make. In short, if the crowdfunding in April  goes badly, I likely won't be able to finish the game after all, at least not in any form that won't be another beta. 

But - all the more reason for you to take action if you like what I'm making with Eidolons! So if you can, please RT the teaser announcement, so more people can learn about the game!


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