Update #14: Nethergate Awakes

Hello there! 

Apologies for the long silence, I haven’t been very well during the last month, and then there is the matter of being broke... There is certainly an art to surviving the Siberian winter, and if one’s goal is to do more than survive...

But let’s focus on the positive.

As you can see, everything has changed. I have written out the campaign I had wanted the game to have, the story now waits to be told. 

To sum up what is really new: 

One of the questions we’re going to explore now is whether freedom tastes better in an rpg game when you have to fight for it.  I imagine it would different feel rather different if you knew from the outset that your time is precious.  The game will have a special mechanic for this, and I think it’s not gonna be the same as pressing some story down your throat and not letting you do what you want - it’s gonna be about making you really think about what you want to do! 

Another one is how can one make the roguelike mechanics enhance the joy of classic rpg-gaming, with hero-creation and progression, item hunting and crafting and all.  My idea is to introduce perma-death for you hero, but such that you will always (unless you’re about to lose it) have a ‘scion’ to whom you pass the curse of being the main protagonist (it’s the Ring, Mr. Frodo!) Then make them return in a certain manner at critical points to fight alongside you...  All of your dead darlings against an impossible boss (tired of seeing mortal heroes take down dark gods on their own, really...)

Now, I would love to hear your feedback about these ideas and the new project page, and if you have any questions - please ask away!

And there is another bit to be excited about...

I believe I've put together enough material to start a crowdfunding campaign! Soon all of you will be able to have a say about where this project goes, and help it get there! So far the plan is to start a campaign this April. 

Meantime I will keep updating you, and I think this game can become the experience that we all crave for! To ensure this, in fact, I am going to introduce a better voting system - based on Discord* - and put a lot of stuff to the vote... but it’s a bit too early yet, just stay tuned! 

*here is the link: https://discord.gg/ryYzKqn 

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