Update #9 - New Horizons!

Hail friends, hope you are not as direly weakened by summer as I am! Indeed, these are hard times for heroes of the north, but we wouldn't be heroes if we didn't love a bit of challenge, would we? 

So, first off, I have decided to upload the pre-alpha of Adventure mode, it is absolutely not guaranteed to work at all, but usually you can at least see the world map and wander around a bit, maybe enter a few dungeons (via double-click). My motivation is basically that one has to share even the work they are still embarrassed of, so that the feedback comes in about the stuff that matters most - the core system/design decisions!

Next, there is another big aspect of the game getting closer to readiness - the Hero Creation UI is well underway by now! Here is the mockup I had made before starting to code it: 

I am experimenting with another interesting interface I call the "Weave" - it is a space where all the skills, classes and perks will be paid out in a collection of tree-branches. This is a rough sketch showing what it could be like: 

The code for it is also well off, but in this case, the visual representation is really too bad to share yet, beyond embarrassing... So much for trying to do everything at once! 


Eidolons v0.6.3 Adventure pre-alpha.zip 1 GB
Jul 05, 2018

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