Update #5 - Version 0.6.0, Beta Release!

I will have to be really short now, too tired from all the crunch to write anything sensible. Here is my commit message for the beta version:

Beta version released!
Too many fixes to count, but among the important:
Atlas preloading is now done rightly before the game starts...
Hp Bars are even *more* sane now, although not completely. 
Blood and 3d weapons can be turned off, and many unsexy options are now hidden unless running from IDE 
Performance was improved somewhat, I'm feeling smooth 
Many UI and screen-transition fixes - manual and close/back all seem to work!
Added some useful tips and removed some that were not...

Yes, I really got that familiar and unprofessional with my commit messages :) 

I've started a subreddit for the game, hope it will come in handy. 

All the real info was sent to the people subscribed to the beta obviously, it would be wrong to copy it here; but you can subscribeand I will send it to you as well, or you can just try the game on your own, if you dare :) 

Otherwise, just check some of the videos on my channel - there is some action there now on top of the crawling :) 

PS Do you know that state when you are too tired to think straight, but too agitated to sleep or relax? I thought I knew it well, but today I am discovering a new level of... what would you call that? 


Eidolons v0.6.0 Beta.zip 1 GB
May 18, 2018

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