Update #3 Version 0.5.8

Greetings and welcome back, I'm a little late in posting the update this week - you'll see why :) 

So, what does v.0.5.8 have in store for us? 

First off, this week I have been working on some deep-inside stuff. 

Given the complexity of the game and multi-step initialization process, making dungeon transition, restart and proper exit cleanup work was a bit of a challenge. I know, boring, but while everyone assumes these things must just work, they don't really, by default. 

Next, I have dug deep into the game's design and overhauled the skill and class systems - at least on the conceptual level. I've already started implemented it, you can find all the details in my blog

A lot of smaller things on my work list, but I have yet to finish them. Anyway, what were the words, Closed Beta is coming! :) 

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