Weekly Updates and the Epic Countdown commencing!

Hail and welcome once more, friends, today I am starting the habit of posting weekly updates and the countdown.

The current version is 0.56, and I will push it by 0.01 each week, with releases for every 0.1 (yes, v0.6 is coming in May, for testing at least).
I will release on Itch when I get to v0.75 (September), and the v1.0 will be the Steam release in March 2019! 

So, what’s new in Version 0.56? 
Mostly, I’ve been working on remaking the Hero Creation (HC) and Character Screen UI’s.  
There is a working version of that, but it’s old and it’s in Swing, not compatible with LibGdx 
I’ve also been adding some unit-test to ensure the solidity of the more tricky logical rules in the game. Otherwise just some Dungeoncrawl (DC) fixes and of course, Miscellaneous! :) 

An excerpt from my working devlog tells a more complete, though also more prosaic, story: 

  • HC: Added CharacterScreen 
  • HC: Added StatTable
  • HC: Added HeroPreview
  • HC: Added SpellTab 
  • DC: Sneaky/Spotted overlays added
  • DC: SpecialOverlays can now have tooltips 
  • Misc: Prototyped HelperFunction Tests
  • Misc: Added stop printing exceptions that were already printed
  • Misc: DebugMode: Ai fail gives player control over enemies 
  • Misc: VisUI Options Panel layout and controls fixed 


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Good luck to you, it seems you have impressive content so far! And congrats on using libgdx ;-)

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Thanks, I do think that LibGdx is awesome, only shame that so few people use it... 

Do subscribe for the closed beta-testing! :) 

Hehe I'd love too if I had free time available.. I hope your release will go as planned!