To New Beginnings!

Hail and welcome, friends, a hearty greeting from the cold Siberia! 

My name is Alex and I've been working on an rpg project for ages, today I'm going public with it at last! :) 

So,  what can you expect from this game? Well, I think this is shaping up to be a deeply intellingent, rather hardcore, unforgiving dark fantasy rpg classic. You will experience a brand new take on the classic DnD’esque system  with new mechanics for cleric magic (‘Divination’, direct but random help from the worshipped Deity or Power),  stamina, morale, focus, wounds, to name a few. 

There will also be a high level of realism in combat.  There are rules here that emulate the real use of armor, shields, various weapons and allow more than to “hit and be hit” - you can choose what enemy (or direction) to Watch, what mode to be in passively, how to use the short pause between the deadly exchanges...   

I call this whole thing 'slow motion' because ideally, you will be able to visually very clearly how the battle unfolds - that's why I went for this strange overlaid 3d-weapons animations, seemed the best way to show exactly how the strikes are made without taking the tremendous cost  of making everything 3d and of the same quality.  Maybe someday I will be able to make a game that looks like a movie, but it's a lot, I'll leave it to the Triple-A crowd for now :) 

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